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The Climate Coalition, with our sister organisations Stop Climate Chaos Cymru and Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, is the UK's largest group of people dedicated to action on climate change and limiting its impact on the world’s poorest communities. Our combined supporter base represents more than 11 million people across the UK.  Our coalitions bring together over 100 organisations, from environment and development charities to unions, faith and belief, community and women's groups.

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What do we do?

Together we campaign for the UK Government to take practical action to keep global warming as far below the 2 degrees C danger threshold as possible, recognising that any more than a 1.5 degree rise threatens the viability and existence of many countries, particularly those that bear the least responsibility for causing the problem.

This means we call on the UK Government to:
1. Make Climate Change a priority in the UK. This includes:  
  • Meeting all commitments in the UK’s Climate Change Act, including medium-term targets as part of the fourth carbon budget.
  • Making our electricity almost entirely carbon free by 2030 by moving to clean energy generation and phasing out fossil fuels.
2. Make Climate Change an international priority. This includes:
  • A fair and equitable global deal to keep climate warming well below two degrees, with the UK backing an ambitious EU climate and energy package and a strong EU position in UN climate negotiations.
  • Support for all elements of a fair binding, transparent international agreement that reflects both science and equity, including a phase out of dirty energy and phasing in a 100% clean energy future by 2050.
  • Ensuring that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) introduced to replace the Millennium Development Goals in 2015, reflect the need for urgent and ambitious action on climate change by integrating climate action across all relevant goals as well as including a specific goal on addressing climate change.
Whether it's for the love of birds, for the love of bees or for the love of communities affected by climate change, thousands of people across the UK are making themselves heard in their call for the government to act on climate change. Add your voice!
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There is also a coalition in Scotland - see more about Stop Climate Chaos Scotland.


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