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Show The Love

This year, Scotland has the opportunity to act on climate change. Show the Love and ask your MSPs to support a strong climate change plan for Scotland. 

During February, people all across the UK will be wearing and sharing green hearts to show they care about climate change. What better time to take action and let your MSP know you care, and that you'd like them to speak up on climate issues?

From our own back gardens to the coastal seabird cliffs of St Kilda, from historical buildings like Stirling Castle to local parks, woodlands and waterways - many special places are bearing the brunt of a changing climate. To launch 'Show the Love' this year, the Climate Coalition has published ‘Weather warning’ - a report highlighting how a host of much-loved habitats, iconic landmarks and everyday places in the UK are already being impacted by climate change, including the famous neolithic village of Skara Brae in the Orkney Isles. Read the full report here >

Show the Love for the things you love that are affected by climate change, and ask your MSP to support a stronger climate plan for Scotland

The Scottish Government published a draft climate change plan in January, setting out the steps to further cut greenhouse gas emissions and tackle climate change. The plan has ambitious goals, but it doesn't set out the steps for how we'll actually meet those goals. To protect Scotland's future and that of people around the world, we need to do more to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions from the way we travel, produce our food and heat our homes.


1. Find your MSP

2. Arrange a meeting - read our tips on contacting your MSP

3. Plan what to say - read our supporter briefing


Wear a heart, share a heartYou can pick up green heart stickers from RSPB Scotland nature reserves, Salvation Army shops and some student unions, or email us at and we can send some out to you. See this map for all the places you can find green hearts!Why not creative and make your own? Sew a green heart, knit a green heart, or get cooking and Make a batch of green heart biscuits to share!




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