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Latest news from Scotland

You can read all the latest news from Stop Climate Chaos Scotland via the links below:

SCCS Comment - Greens launch big for Climate Emergency Bill, 6th December 2018

Campaigners encourage First Minister to put Scotland at the fore of climate leadership at UN Climate Summit, 4th December 2018
Scotland must take heed of UN climate change report, 10th October 2018
Scottish Government must act on UN climate change report, 8th October 2018
New report calls for 'decisive and urgent' action on climate change from Scottish Government, 24th September 2018
Scots demand politicians stop gambling with our future, 19th September 2018
New report quantifies Scotland's role in delivering the Paris Climate Agreement, 26th August 2018
SCCS blog: walking and cycling can tackle climate change now, 14th August 2018

Scottish Labour announces backing of net zero emissions target, 13th August 2018
Scotland makes strong progress on cutting climate emissions, 12th June 2018

Scottish Government's Climate Change Bill 'hugely disappointing', 24th May 2018
SCCS reaction to Energy Efficiency Route Map, 4th May 2018 

Why Scotland Must Set a Target of Net Zero Emissions,  2nd May 2018 
Scottish faith leaders support strong Climate Change Bill (external website), 18th April 2018
100 international voices call for Scotland to lead on climate change, 5th April 2018
Joint letter about carbon neutral farming to Scottish Government (external website), 26th March 2018
New Scottish Climate Bill must fix Climate Plan which fails to deliver, 6th March 2018

Scottish Government Climate Change Plan fails to deliver, 28th February 2018

SCCS blog: Why we should make homes more energy efficient, 1st February 2018

'We Want to See Double' - we got there!, 21st December 2017
Huge majority call for zero emissions by 2050 target for Scotland, 18th December 2017
Scottish Budget should be climate-proof, 11th December 2017
SCCS blog: What do the UN climate talks mean for action in Scotland?, 30th November 2017
SCCS blog: Connecting the dots for a fairer, greener future (external website), 30th November 2017
Blog from UN climate talks in Bonn (external website), 17th November 2017
First Minister calls for urgent and early action on climate change, 15th November 2017
SCCS welcomes news that First Minister will go to UN climate conference, 31st October 2017
New report calls for more climate action from Scottish Government, 25th September 2017
Over 17,000 call for Scotland to lead on climate change, 20th September 2017
SCCS Climate Bill blog: Engineering a Zero Carbon Future?, 15th September 2017
SCCS Climate Bill blog: A climate act for all our futures, 12th September 2017
SCCS Climate Bill blog: Warm homes, 8th September 2017
SCCS Climate Bill blog: Too much of a good thing, 7th September 2017
SCCS response to 2017-18 Programme for Government 6th September 2017
Thousands urge Scottish Government to raise their ambition on climate change 23rd August 2017
SCCS calls for ambition in new Climate Change Bill - letter to First Minister 18th August 2017
Scots urged to Act For Our Future 5th July 2017
Coalition calls for Scotland to commit to zero emissions by 2050 13 June 2017
Scotland Hits Climate Emissions Targets 13 June 2017
Joint Statement on the Paris Agreement, 6 June 2017
Blog: Climate change - can the way we farm be part of the solution? 14 March 2017
Stop Climate Chaos welcomes MSP recommendations to improve Scotland's climate plan, 10 March 2017
Scottish Parliament committees to publish reports on climate change plan, 9 March 2017
Scots 'Show the Love' for life that climate change threatens, 7 February 2017
Scotland's new climate change plan - campaigners welcome vision of low-carbon society, but more work needed to achieve it, 19 January 2017
Campaigners call for swift action after UN Climate Conference in Marrakech, 19 November 2016
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