Climate Friendly BoA December 2017 newsletter

Climate Friendly BoA December 2017 newsletter

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Plastic waste has been a regular feature in the press recently, with the UN committing to stop plastic waste in our oceans and China banning imports of plastic waste from January. Around two-thirds of the UK’s plastic waste is exported to China or Hong Kong so the ban could lead to plastic waste being stockpiled or put in landfill in the UK instead. More. There are calls for urgent action to boost the UK’s plastic recycling industry but results are already been seen in response to demands to cut the number of bottles being used just once. 

The Co-op and Iceland are the first major supermarkets to have come out in favour of a plastic bottle return scheme. More. Pret a Manger is encouraging customers to refill their bottles by providing free filtered water filling stations as part of a trial in selected stores. More. London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, plans a new network of drinking fountains across the city and this will hopefully provide a model for the rest of the country and the world. Locally, CFBoA's Refill Project has already encouraged 28 businesses in and around Bradford on Avon to allow people to refill their drinking bottles at their establishments.



At the Extraordinary General Meeting on Monday 20th November, there was a unanimous vote for the motion to voluntarily dissolve CFBoA as a Community Interest Company (CIC) but to continue CFBoA as a Community Action Group. Read the record of the meeting here. More details to follow but please be assured that CFBoA will continue to function with its six action groups, just not as a CIC.



Our Christmas party will be held in the Wallington Hall (formerly known as the Masonic Hall) this year from 7.30 onwards. PLEASE NOTE the change of venue. Please bring food (there will be very limited facilities for keeping food hot so cold preferable) and drink to share and there will be a glass of mulled wine or apple juice on arrival. As last minute present ideas, Bath's Luscious Larder books will be available in return for a donation and the charming swift pictures from local ceramicist Rachel will be available to buy.

Come along to relax, chat and get to know other members of the group. We are also inviting members to bring along photos of good and bad environmental practice so they can be displayed as discussion points for the evening. Numbers are limited so please email climate to let us know if you plan to come.

Wallington Hall is on the first floor but has direct ground-level access from the rear of the building. There are steps to negotiate at all entrances to the hall, so wheelchair access requires assistance. Parking on Church Street is limited so if you plan to drive, it is advisable to head to St Margaret’s Car Park and walk over McKeever Bridge to the hall.

Christmas Party, Monday 18th December, 7.30pm. 

Wallington Hall (formerly Masonic Hall), Church Street, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1LN 



CFB's next evening meeting will be held in the Wallington Hall (formerly Masonic Hall) at the earlier time of 6pm. Please see the details above regarding parking and access to the hall.

This will be an evening for developing a strategy for the coming year, and looking further ahead, so we need more time than the usual meeting time allows.

As Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon, we have committed to our town becoming carbon neutral by 2050 - AND to reducing our emissions by 40% by 2020. All our groups have been doing really good work for the last ten years. However to ensure that we are moving towards our target it is good to take stock, and reflect on what are the key high-emissions activities and behaviours in each of our groups' area of work where change needs to happen. This may lead groups to decide to focus on just a few activities, and crucially, to work out who are the key people who need to be influenced: the changes needed to reduce our emissions cannot all be achieved just through the work of CFBoA members  - we need to work out who else we need to engage, and the best way of doing that.

We would like to see strong representation from each of our active groups, as well as others coming who would like to join in developing our strategy. A small group is meeting to plan the evening, and either on arrival, or earlier by email, people will receive some questions to guide their discussions on the strategy evening. To keep us going during the evening, we will provide drinks and a simple supper part way through the business. Please email climate to let us know if you plan to come.

This will be my first meeting as Chair of CFBoA and I look forward to seeing many of you there!

Rachel Berger

Strategy Meeting, Monday 15th January, 6pm. 

Wallington Hall (formerly Masonic Hall), Church Street, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1LN 



After UN Climate talks at COP23, 350 - the Fossil Fuel Free campaign - is calling for 2018 to be the year of local action.

Watch and share the video and consider signing a pledge to:


1. Ban all new coal, oil and gas projects and begin phasing out those that are already built.

2. Divest from and defund fossil fuel projects. Not a penny more should go to fossil fuels.

3. Commit to a rapid, just transition towards 100% renewable energy for all.



In last month’s newsletter we mentioned how the odds were stacked against onshore wind power in the UK.  However, now there may be a glimmer of hope. Climate Change Minister, Claire Perry, has thrown a lifeline, stating onshore wind is "absolutely a part of the future" energy mix. More.

10:10 Climate Action urges everyone to write to Claire Perry to make sure a commitment to building new onshore wind across the UK features in the upcoming Spring Statement 2018. More.



The Conservatives promised to plant 11 million trees at the last election but it looks like tree planting needs to speed up dramatically in order for this target to be met. More.

Network Rail is looking to create new woodland and aiming for 'no net loss of biodiversity' as part of its Greater West Programme, which involves the electrification of 300 miles of railway. You can read a briefing statement here or an offset proposal can be made using this form




The 2017 State of the UK's Birds Report, published earlier this month, has revealed the "profound impact of global warming on Britain’s bird life, which is set to become even greater in the future." More

Climate change may provide opportunities for some birds but will increase the pressure on some species that are already in decline or facing extinction. 

Download the report and read the key headlines here



The Bradford on Avon Cycling Festival has been confirmed for 2018. Several events are planned including the famous sprint hill climb up Market Street to the Castle Inn. Speaking to the Wiltshire Times, festival organiser, Craig Surgey said “accessible by road, rail, canal and by bike, it allows us to really showcase the town in all its glory.” More

CFBoA Treasurer, Klaus Huber, recently explored the National Cycle Network of Wiltshire. Read his report here 



As Christmas approaches, thoughts of good food are particularly brought to the forefront. Happily, eating sustainably is closely linked to eating food which is full of natural flavour and goodness because of the way that it has been produced. Choosing food which has been produced without chemicals, or with minimal chemicals, on soils with plenty of organic content (and poultry, dairy produce and meat from livestock which has been raised slowly on pasture), means that the food is likely to contain higher levels of the nutrients essential for flavour and for good health. We can enjoy food produced thus knowing that it also leads to improved soil biodiversity, structure and sustainable fertility: we are thereby contributing to the re-establishment of wildlife as an integral part of healthy farming systems. Good soil structure also reduces risk of flooding and allows filtration of rainfall to replenish ground water levels, and organic matter in soils leads to decreased risk of drought. Well-managed soils also absorb and sequester carbon dioxide and methane from the atmosphere. Reducing waste will reduce the land area needed to produce our food and the emissions associated with bringing that food to our tables. It is worth making well-produced food a high financial priority. Through the choices we make when buying food we can eat better, more delicious food, whilst simultaneously achieving so many wider benefits.

Whatever happened to our winter woollies? It has become increasingly difficult to find pure wool knitwear. The newspapers recently have highlighted again that plastic microfibres, from some of the synthetic materials that so much of our clothing is now made of, are discharged into our water systems (from our washing machines) and become part of the pollution which is harming fish stocks and other aquatic life, and entering the human food chain. More. Wool is a natural by-product of our food chain, and unlike some natural clothing fibres does not necessitate additional land use. It has wonderful qualities of warmth and breathability and, as a natural material will, of course, biodegrade. For those with allergy to wool, some wools are naturally hypo-allergenic. Buying woolllen products also helps to support British farming.

Next SFADG meeting:

Wednesday 10th January, 7.30-9.30pm in The Swan Hotel, BoA.

All welcome.



Read the notes from the latest Climate Coalition All Coalition Meeting here. A community resources pack has been launched in preparation for the Show the Love campaign in February. Download the pack here.



Here are some tips on how to have a sustainable festive season:

The 12 Carbons of Christmas.

You may also like to sign this pledge to swap shopping for time better spent with friends and family



If you use Twitter please do follow CFBoA - our Twitter name is @goingzero2050. It is all good publicity for what we do. Our Facebook page is full of information and is always really up to date with the latest climate news and you can see this (though not contribute) even if you are not on Facebook. You can find it by clicking here




Locally: B&NES to consider CycleBath's parking permit scheme to reduce congestion, improve air quality and boost active travel. More 

Nationally 1: Solar could directly power 10% of UK’s electrified train routes, study finds. More

Nationally 2: 100 MPs sign pledge to divest their pension from fossil fuels. More

Globally: Three Reasons Why Renewable Energy Leaders Are Optimistic. More



Monday 18th December: Christmas Party in Wallington Hall (formerly the Masonic Hall)
Monday 15th January: Strategy Meeting in Wallington Hall 

Monday 19th February: Land Use and Climate Change by Nikki Jones



Wednesday 31st December: Owl boxes workshop, 9am-12pm at Avonleigh, near the Leigh Park Hotel crossroads.

Friday 26th January: I, Daniel Blake - CFBoA sponsored film at Bradford on Avon Film Society, St Margaret's Halll, BoA, BA15 1DE, Doors open at 7.15pm. CFBoA's Refill Group will be encouraging people to sign a pledge to stop buying single use plastic bottles. More


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