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Climate Friendly BoA January newsletter

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As CFBoA shapes up to be 40% less carbon intensive by 2020 and carbon neutral by 2050, we start 2018 with a look back on the positive news from last year:

The cost of renewables hit a record low

Offshore-wind came down to just £57.50 per megawatt hour. That’s cheaper than gas and much cheaper than nuclear. It exploded the myth that renewables are more expensive.  

Britain had its first coal-free day since 1882 

On Friday 21 April, the UK went a full 24 hours without using any coal to generate electricity. And between June and September over half (52%) of electricity demand was met by low carbon sources.  

Scotland set a wind energy record 

In the first six months of the year, wind turbines produced enough power to meet the average electrical needs of 124% of Scottish homes. Mindblowing!  

And launched the world’s biggest tidal energy turbine 

This 550-tonne machine will add to Scotland’s already huge tidal energy production. In August, the tidal power station in the Pentland Firth generated 700 megawatt-hours of electricity, a world record amount for a single month.  

Britain’s first subsidy-free solar farm opened.

September saw the landmark opening of the Clayhill Solar Farm. The farm has 30,000 solar panels and is producing enough electricity for 2,500 homes. We think this proves green energy can thrive with or without government subsidies.  

Costa Rica ran for 300 days on renewables. 

In November the Central American country broke its own record by running for 300 consecutive days on 100% renewables - a mix of hydro, wind, geothermal, solar and biomass.  

Countries worked together at Bonn 

A new alliance of 19 nations, led by the UK, has pledged to phase out coal. And, in opposition to their own President, a huge group of US states, cities and businesses committed to emissions reduction goals.   

Tech giants go green 

Google became 100% green in 2017. Amazon now has six solar farms and four wind farms. And Facebook and Apple are each working on completely green data centres.  

Car giants go electric. 

Virtually all the major car manufacturers committed to going electric, including Jaguar, Land Rover, Ford, Toyota and many more. Even Lamborghini got in on the act. The days of the internal combustion engine are surely numbered.

UK energy reaches green record

The UK enjoyed its 'greenest year for electricity ever' in 2017 and five green energy milestones were reached! 

If that's not enough to add some cheer to the new year, why not read about the 10 ways people stood up for the planet in 2017.


Our next meeting on Monday 15th January will be at Wallington Hall (formerly known as the Masonic Hall) in Church Street, at the earlier time of 6pm. This is a meeting for members, interested residents and invitees from a wide range of organisations, as well as County Councillors, plus members of the Town Council and Parish Councils in our community area, to work together to plan our future activities.

We have planned an evening where participants will actively help decide the most important things for Climate Friendly Bradford to be doing over the coming years, to help us move strongly towards our climate neutral goal by 2050. 

To help us all work effectively, a light supper will be served during the evening, which will finish by 9pm.

To ensure we provide enough food, please email climate to confirm your attendance by Sunday evening.

Please note, Wallington Hall is on the first floor but has direct ground-level access from the rear of the building. There are steps to negotiate at all entrances to the hall, so wheelchair access requires assistance. Parking on Church Street is limited so if you plan to drive, it is advisable to head to St Margaret’s Car Park and walk over McKeever Bridge to the hall.

Strategy Meeting, Monday 15th January, 6pm. 

Wallington Hall, Church Street, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1LN



At the next SFADG meeting we will review the potential areas for increased joint working with other CFB Action Groups, along with other key issues emerging from our literature search. We need to define priorities and decide what is practical to focus on in the short and longer term. 

We need new members to become involved if we are going to be able to roll out more initiatives to help us work towards Bradford on Avon Carbon Neutral 2050. Come and help us decide how we move this agenda forwards. All welcome.

SFADG Meeting, Wednesday 10th January, 7.30pm.

The Swan Hotel, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1LN 



Here are some ways you can do your bit in the campaign against climate change.
  • Are these 10 popular ways to save energy truth or myth? Put your energy knowledge to the test here.
  • Take the LED pledge to switch all your lights to low-energy LEDs in 2018.
  • Sign up to the Carbon Crush Challenge and kickstart your carbon cutting with a month-long toolkit of tips, actions, advice and encouragement.
  • Follow these 9 tips for living with less plastic
  • Support the creation of bottle deposit return schemes across the UK here
  • Sign a petition to introduce a tax on throwaway plastic here.
  • Sign a petition to stop supermarkets from selling raw fruit and veg in plastic packaging here.



Maybe you would like to cycle more in 2018. Here we share 9 tips for getting on your bike.

If this is the year you switch to an electric bike, why not visit Custom E Bikes on Market Street to ask Cliff Yuill for some advice, or take a look at these reviews?



Nationally 1: New farming group: Brexit is chance to protect nature and tackle climate change. More

Nationally 2: United Kingdom will phase out coal-fired power plants by 2025. More

Nationally 3: From stools to fuels: the street lamp that runs on dog do. More

Nationally 4: MPs call for 25p charge on takeaway coffee cups ahead of possible ban. More

Globally 1: Japan’s ‘zero waste town’ is so good at recycling that it is attracting foreign visitors. More

Globally 2: Germany had so much renewable energy over Christmas it had to pay people to use it. More



Monday 15th January: Strategy Meeting in Wallington Hall, 6pm

Monday 19th February: Land Use and Climate Change by Nikki Jones  



Wednesday 10th January: Sustainable Food and Drink Group Meeting, The Swan Hotel, BoA, 7.30pm

Tuesday 23rd January: How do you feel in the outdoors? - An evening exploring the connections between nature, the environment and well-being, Springfield Community Campus, Beechfield Road, Corsham, 7.30pm 

Friday 26th January: I, Daniel Blake - CFBoA sponsored film at Bradford on Avon Film Society, St Margaret's Hall, BoA, BA15 1DE. Doors open at 7.15pm. CFBoA's Refill Group will be encouraging people to sign a pledge to stop buying single use plastic bottles. More

Monday 29th January: Swindon Climate Cafe - Healthy Homes, Darkroom Espresso, Swindon, 6.30 for prompt 7pm start. More

Tuesday 27th February: Screening of Al Gore's film 'An Inconvenient Sequel: Presenting Truth to Power' Pound Arts Centre, Corsham, 7.30pm. Discount for Transcoco members.  

Saturday 10th March: Give and Take Day - Donate the things you don't need and take the things you do. Selwyn Hall, Box from 10am.

Saturday 10th March: Conference organised by the Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union group: Jobs & Climate: Planning for a Future that Doesn't Cost the Earth, NUT Conference Centre, Euston, London. 10am-5pm. More.


If you use Twitter please do follow CFBoA - our Twitter name is @goingzero2050. It is all good publicity for what we do. Our Facebook page is full of information and is always really up to date with the latest climate news and you can see this (though not contribute) even if you are not on Facebook. You can find it by clicking here


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