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Holyrood election online debate

Watch a recording of the debate at:

To give climate change the space and priority it deserves on the election agenda, Stop Climate Chaos Scotland organised a national online debate – thanks to everyone who took part!

The debate was be broadcast live on Monday 18th April at 7pm - you can now view the whole debate online via this link:

The debate was chaired by writer, journalist and broadcaster, David Torrance.  Panelists were:

What climate question would you like to ask Scotland's political parties?  

Members of the public were asked to submit questions live or in advance of the debate via the comment box at the bottom of this web page or on Twitter using #AskClimateQ.  Submitted questions or comment during the debate via Livestream or on Twitter using #AskClimateQ.

Background information

For many years now, all parties in the Scottish Parliament have been broadly supportive of action on climate change.  In 2009, this was set down in law, in the form of the Scottish Climate Change Act, one of the first climate acts in the world.

At the UN climate talks in Paris at the end of last year, world leaders agreed to take more significant and more urgent action on climate change.  Political decisions made here in Scotland over the next five years will be critical to meeting our climate act, fulfilling our global commitments, and securing the benefits of becoming a low carbon country.  Read our supporter briefing for more information.

SCCS' election campaign is directed towards the five political parties currently represented in the Scottish Parliament.  Other parties are also standing in these elections.  For a full list of parties and candidates, check out this resource from the BBC.